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Data network Cabling | Legrand Lietuva

Data network cabling

The performance of computer systems is crucial for users. It is therefore important to pay full attention to the requirements and needs of users and IT operators in terms of speed, mobility and adaptation. In order to be able to choose the most suitable system, we first analyse each workstation precisely. The convergence of data, audio/video, lighting control, etc. in the same computer network cannot be lost sight of when designing the network. The installation of data systems therefore requires expertise and specialization. Our dedicated data solutions team will be happy to assist you. This will allow you to create a high quality network, offering optimal performance from the server room to the terminal, using either fiberglass or copper. Cooling, protection and energy control: Legrand's data solutions team has a proposal adapted to each data infrastructure.


Legrand Cabling Systems

With LCS (Legrand Cabling Systems) network solutions, you can rely on the expertise of a network specialist. From the patch panel in the cabinet to the copper or fiber optic connection at the workstation, we deliver a certified solution according to the latest standards. 

When you choose Legrand, you get:

  • A unique and patented connector that significantly reduces assembly speed

  • MTP / MPO high density fiber solutions and up to Cat. 8 copper connectivity

  • CPR-tested and approved network cables (type A to E)

  • Our Cat.8 connectors are PoE+ _(Power over Ethernet) certified and PoE++ capable