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Earth leakage switches | Legrand Lietuva

We offer two versions


This range of differential switches is particularly suitable for domestic installations thanks to its compliance with thermal stress (3000 A - 22.5 kA²s). 


This range of earth leakage switches is mainly used in commercial and industrial buildings. In addition, these products are equipped with rear sockets that allow them to be clipped (power supply) to our HX³ plug optimised distribution systems. 

Earth leakage switch

Type A, F and B

Type A
AD Detect AC and DC component faults  

Type F
FD detect AC and DC component faults (type A) with reinforced immunity to untimely tripping (disturbed environments: computer circuits, lightning strikes, fluorescent lamps, etc.).  

Type B
BD detects AC and DC faults and smooth DC faults (variable speed machinery, photovoltaic installations, call centres, medical equipment, ...).