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Wiring devices | Legrand Lietuva

Wiring devices

Living, working and living environments constantly require fittings and solutions that must meet the requirements of functionality, comfort and aesthetics. In the residential fitting range, you have the possibility to customize your fitting according to your aesthetic preferences, desired functionality and budget. Our Plexo waterproof and Soliroc vandal resistant ranges are ideal for outdoor use. Choose below from one of our ranges. Legrand is proud of its position as world leader in the wiring devices market: a guarantee of continuous innovation and aesthetics for the home and office of today and tomorrow.

Switch flush mounted NiloeStep

Flush mounted wiring devices

When you decide on flush-mounted wiring devices, you need to consider a number of elements in advance to make the right offer to your customer or future user:

  • Is it for tertiary or residential use?
  • In case of retrofitting. What type of junction boxes will be installed?
  • What is the specific need for multimedia connections?
  • Is an intelligent installation with management and control using mobile devices required?
  • Does the end user want the cabling devices to stand out in the interior design?
  • If so, is a special installation method required?  (different mounting boxes and/or installation setup)
Plexo switch

Surface mounted wiring devices

When you choose surface  mounted wiring devices you have to take up front a number of elements  into consideration to make the correct offer for your customer or future user: 

  • Is it meant for indoor or outdoor purposes.   
  • In case of outdoor installation. What is the required IP level with respect to humidity protection. 
  • Does the installation require additional safety measures like anti-vandal yes/ no   
  • Cable distribution via pipes or mini-trunking?  
  • What is the particular need regarding multimedia connections?   
  • Does the solution have to be command and controlled with mobile devices required?   

Our flush mounted series

valena life

Valena™ Life/Allure

The evolution that transforms your daily life and sensations!
Over 150 features available in 2 different designs to fit anywhere with elegance & simplicity.



Flush-mounting wiring accessories for the home, for both new-build and refurbishment projects, which are innovative by design.



A marriage of form and function, a wide choice of materials and colours, innovative functions to improve the wellbeing of everyone in the home.

Mosaic finishes


Perfect design

MosaicTM, a redesigned line Mosaic is an iconic and contemporary range, redesigned to meet today's building trends. But it retains the reasons that have made its longevity a success: its 45x45mm format, backwards compatibility and brilliant white. 

Three essential finishes

The glossy white, the sober and classic aluminium and the contemporary and elegant matt black: 3 finishes, 3 icons. For demanding environments, antimicrobial white combines hygiene and aesthetics. Discreet, techno or practical, Mosaic's finishes adapt to any atmosphere.  

Our surface mounted series

Forix wall mounting solution


Solutions suitable for all applications: residential and damp environments, small and medium-sized commercial sector. Forix comes in two colours in a universal design.


Plexo programme


The Plexo programme is IP55, or IP 66 for modular versions, ensuring a perfect seal, whether surface-mounted or flush-mounted.

Our anti-vandal serie



Choose strength for all your projects. Suitable for public buildings and unsupervised passageways, 26 IK10 functions for a weatherproof, safe, efficient installation.