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Forix | Legrand Lietuva

Forix IP44 waterproof equipment

An economical device. This new series offers a solution for all spaces where an IP44 value is recommended; the garage, laundry room, terrace, ... Forix™ IP44 has all the most common functions in its range, very easy assembly and a shiny ergonomic finish.


Available colours: white & grey

Finish: glossy

Shape: rounded corners for a timeless design

LED lighting: Possibility to put a symbol with indication or ringing tone

Forix White


Forix Grey



Instructions for montage
  1. Cables from 4 to 15 mm diameter, direct entry after perforation of the diaphragm

  2. Slide terminals for more accessible cabling

  3. Tubes from 16 to 20 mm diameter, cut-off diaphragm gland

LED symbols for switches
  1. Two types of illuminated symbols available on the same finger: simple or bell-shaped

  2. Pushbutton with illuminated bell-shaped symbol

All controls can be illuminated by LEDs

Choosing the symbol
  1. Simply rotate the hubcap to change the symbol

  2. Doorbell

  3. Simple luminous symbol

The installer chooses the type of symbol when clicking on the hubcap.


  • Single pole switch - single or double pole

  • Two-way switch - single or double

  • Pushbutton

  • Inverter

  • Bipolar switch

  • Socket + Two-way switch

  • 2P+T socket - single or double

Forix Socket Outlet with Shutter
Socket with Shutter

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