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wiring device is born

The Mosaic wiring device range, more than 49 years of innovation at the service of tertiary buildings. Born in 1971 from the desire to create a range designed to qualitatively equip workplaces, Mosaic currently represents all the power current and digital network solutions that meet the specific needs of tertiary buildings.

Mosaic colours

Perfect design

MosaicTM, a redesigned line Mosaic is an iconic and contemporary range, redesigned to meet today's building trends. But it retains the reasons that have made its longevity a success: its 45x45mm format, backwards compatibility and brilliant white. 

Three essential finishes

The glossy white, the sober and classic aluminium and the contemporary and elegant matt black: 3 finishes, 3 icons. For demanding environments, antimicrobial white combines hygiene and aesthetics. Discreet, techno or practical, Mosaic's finishes adapt to any atmosphere.

Mosaic™ Easy-Led: 1 switch, 3 functions

Mosaic Easy-Led is a single switch, it can be used as a single switch, lighted or indicator by adding an indicator light. With the same reference you get three functions: standard switch, light or indicator. Scalable, the switch adapts to the needs of the user and the place where it is placed. 

White Mosaic

Basic version

In its basic version, the Mosaic Easy-Led switch provides a classic toggle function. It's a standard switch. 

Illuminated Mosaic

Illuminated version

The Mosaic Easy-Led switch becomes illuminated by the addition of the appropriate indicator light. It stays on all the time in the dark. This function is particularly suitable and practical where light is scarce, such as in common areas (stairs, corridors, garage, cellar, etc.) and is ideal for health care facilities or those open to the public. 

Control Version of Mosaic

Control version

The Mosaic Easy Led indicator switch: This switch gives a visual indication of the status of the lamp: For example at the bottom of the garden or in a garage. Handy to make sure all the lights are off.

Mosaic™ : integrated solutions for equipping workstations

Built-in desktop modules, pop-ups, desktop blocks, etc. provide efficient connectivity to connect computers, smartphones and audio and video systems. These recessed solutions blend harmoniously with the furniture, thanks to their neat, extra-flat design.

Neat design

Neat and abstract design

A flat shape for discreet integration into the furniture.


Functionality and flexibility

Available in 4 or 2 x 4 modules to be equipped or pre-equipped with Mosaic high or low current program functions. 

Quick installation

Quickly installed

Replaces the existing cable outlet of the furniture (⌀ from 60 to 80 mm) 


New design and variety of function

Mixing of high and low current functions. Mosaic program in a refined aesthetic. 

Functions for meeting rooms

Specific functions for meeting rooms

HD 15 socket and jack for sound distribution and video projection via the ceiling-mounted projector.


Mosaic™: Modularity

20 plates and multiple combinations of 1 to 20 modules.

One module corresponds to half of the square 45 x 45 mm. The same function can exist in width 1 or 2 modules. 

Vertical 5 module board for 1000 W drive and access control readers. 

Mosaic sockets

Mosaic™ in health care institutions: priority to hygiene and safety

Antimicrobial white: Mosaic's must-have

Mosaic antimicrobial has been specially designed for health care buildings and sensitive or demanding premises. Available on Mosaic plates, receptacles, switches and trunking, the antimicrobial finish contains a silver compound that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface. 

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