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Niloé™ Step | Legrand Lietuva

Niloé™ Step – A Classic in the New Look

The switch range Niloé™ Step combines modern design with functionality and economy and can be integrated into any environment in a contemporary way. Niloé™ Step is the perfect switch range - as designed for you.

Square switch shape

New look with square shapes

A new, contemporary look in square design. The switch shape has been given an even flatter, smoother look, resulting in a line that fluidly combines form with functionality.

colours and finishes

Colours and finishes

Niloé™ Step - restrained yet unmistakable in its square shape. Combine the 4 frame and rocker colours to suit your taste: white, sand, aluminium and black.

easy installation

Enjoy the simplicity of Niloé™ Step

Installation in only 2 steps!

Easy installation, quick completion. With the Niloé™ Step insert you make the installation a short process.

Niloe Step Installation Phase 1

1. Stage Installation
Installation and connection

Niloe Step Installation Phase 2

2. Stage Completion
Installation of cover plates, rockers and frames

Niloe Step Installation Finishes
Niloe Step Frames

Horizontal and vertical frame mounting options

The frames can be mounted horizontally and vertically and are available from 1- to 5-gang.

Easy alignment of the inserts by the guide system.

Joining frames together

The tongue and groove principle

The tongue and groove principle of Niloé™ Step ensures guidance and positioning in horizontal and vertical direction.

Reduces Installation Time

No Screws

Quick and easy installation: The frame and the cover or rocker are mounted directly to the insert by snapping it in from the front. Sockets are mounted without a central screw in the middle (without tools).

Niloe Step Switch


Niloe Step Socket

Socket Outlets

More installation confort

More practical installation: Reduced installation depths due to lower inserts, which take up less space and facilitate adjustment in the installation box.

Niloe Step Installation 1
Niloe Step Installation

Always safe

Heavy-duty support rings for quick and safe installation.

Always safe Niloe Step

Switch inserts provided with claws.

Always safe Niloe Step 2

Socket outlets with earthing contact and claws.

Quick connection

Automatic connection terminals: Connect a conductor quickly and without tools. Only a few seconds to make the connection to the insert.

Niloe Step Quick Connection

Wider release buttons on the automatic clamps for easier and more convenient handling.

Quick Connection

The automatic clamps are located on one side of the socket outlet with earthing contact.

IP2X protection for and absolutely safe installation

The inserts are protected against direct contact with conductive elements during the installation phase.

Niloe Step protection

The illuminated functions with LED technology are energy-saving and have a long service life.

Niloe Step protection

Socket outlets are equipped with increased contact protection against accidental contact as standard. The increased contact protection is part of the insert and not of the cover, thus guaranteeing smooth operation.

State-of-the-art solutions for your home

A wide range of products, reliable selection. Niloé™ Step offers you a complete product line with modern and reliable solutions for your individual needs, such as:

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