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Valena Life/Allure | Legrand Lietuva

Valena Life/Allure - Area switch program

With their sophisticated design and ideas, the Valena™ Life & Allure range of surface switches from Legrand invites your customers to experience your life more consciously and intensively. The switch program versions are based on current trends and offer you the opportunity to decorate your customers' homes with the accents that perfectly reflect your taste.

The timeless look of the Valena Life

Valena™ Life design and finishes

The timeless look of the Valena Life line offers modern simplicity and a design thought out down to the last detail to turn your everyday life into something special. The effect of Valena Life lies above all in its subtleties.

The modern concave rocker

Surprisingly flat - flowing Wansübergang

Valena Allure Switch

Valena™ Allure design and finishes

The essence of Valena Allure is brought to life through a series of elegant finishes and a sensitive mix of materials. Designs range from classic aluminum or matt black to the boldness or originality of baroque prints and line patterns. In this way even the most unusual wishes come true.

A mix of two materials - with a rounded surface

Sophisticated integrated lighting options

Designs & Finishes

Valena™ Life and Valena™ Allure - the switches offer beside exemplary Design also new perspectives in the house automation. They become small electronic system solutions. Especially in combination with MyHOME they make life more comfortable, safer and more economical. The Valena™ switch series has more than 150 functions. Thus an application can be integrated simply into the conventional electrical structure by means of radio transmission.