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Lighting management | Legrand Lietuva

Lighting management

Lighting management ensures that you get the right amount of light when you need it. Not only reliable, but also comfortable! Legrand offers you solutions and services to ensure that your lighting project saves energy and makes a positive contribution to the environment.

Your benefits

Cost reduction, sustainability and environmental friendliness.

To reduce the installation time in larger spaces, the An-10 detectors communicate with each other by radio wave. Each detector with this An-10 technology is capable of acting as a switching contact for another detector and also of controlling the latter. This saves wiring and installation time. With the Legrand and CP Electronics ranges, we offer you a very wide range of products for presence and absence detection. We can meet the specific requirements of each environment, such as an office space or a car park.


The advantages of detectors

The advantages of detectors in Legrand's lighting management offer

  • Extremely sensitive with PIR (passive infrared) and HF (high frequency) technologies

  • Configurable as presence or absence detectors

  • Can be placed at heights of up to 20 metres

  • With a span of up to 42 metres in diameter and for corridors up to 24 metres in length.

  • An-10, DALI/DSI and KNX solutions

  • With photocell that measures the illumination level and reduces or switches off the light if necessary.

  • Supplied with cables and plugs for connection.

  • Available in versions with 1 or 2 push-button control circuits

  • Adaptable by remote control or push button

  • Protection class: IP 65

  • Operation down to -30 °C for refrigerators

  • Can be mounted directly on or in a light fitting

  • 5 year warranty