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Tubes & conduits | Legrand Lietuva

Tubes & conduits

Ensure the protection of cables whatever the industrial constraints: dynamic, mechanical, environmental. RTA conduits constitute a real system made up of conduits, fittings, branches and accessories.

Polyamide conduit

Polyamide SFP conduits

Flexibility: for machines, mobile railway and maritime equipment.  
Available in standard SFP and robotic SFP (very good resistance to solid and hot splashes, movements, shocks and low and high temperatures).  
They have a patented 1/4-turn locking system with closing indication. They can be combined with elbows, straights, 90° bases, Y-branches.  
Accessories: gaskets, subbases, protection rings, plastic nuts (common to flexible PVC conduits and to the IP 68 RAL 9011 range of cable glands). 

PVC conduit

PVC conduit

For installation in an acidic environment.  

Available in GE-PVC, very good resistance to dynamic and environmental stresses (projections).  
They combine with universal straight male couplings.  
FP 2000 very good resistance to mechanical (compression, shock) and environmental stresses.  
They can be combined with Metal 2000 universal straight and elbow male couplings.  

Accessories: plastic nuts. 

Metal-plastic conduit

Of metal-plastic conduits

Resistance to mechanical stress. They are recommended for industrial environments requiring high robustness. 

Available in :  

FA, high flexibility. 

PN, good resistance to compression, shocks, low temperatures and splashes. 

P2, its double stapling gives them a very good resistance to torsion and traction. 

Metal-plastic conduits are combined with Metal 2000 straight and elbow male fittings.  

Accessories: nickel-plated brass nuts (also adaptable on FP 2000 PVC ducts).